What is gDoten?h

At the dawn of art in Hokkaido from the end of the Meiji era to Taisho era the movement of young people who aimed to be artists became active in some places in Hokkaido and they showed a strong desire to establish a big fine arts group in Hokkaido.

@In the fall of the year 14 of the Taisho era (1925) the Hokkaido Fine Arts Society, whose purpose was gto improve and spread the fine arts in Hokkaidoh was established. At first there were 31 members, six of them majoring in Japanese art and twenty-five majoring in oil painting. In October of the same year, the first fine arts exhibition was held in the Agricultural Hall in Nakajima Park. It was the first time that the public was invited to join the exhibition. It is calledh Kobo Tenh in Japanese. Since then this society has contributed to the improvement of art as the center of fine arts activities in Hokkaido, developing gradually, producing many artists and art-lovers.
@After World War Two this society had to cope with various difficulties caused by the confusion but we started re-forming and rehabilitating the organization. We made efforts to activate the movement by planning various projects, including travelling exhibitions in many cities, towns and villages and some exhibitions for young artists besides the ordinary exhibition in Sapporo. Since then we have endeavored to enrich the contents of the movement and to reform the organization according to the times.
 @And now it is the biggest public fine arts group deep- rooted in the region north of Tokyo. At present (2009) this society consists of six sections: Japanese painting, oil painting, water-color painting, print, sculpture and industrial arts. The exhibition comprised of more than five-hundred works by three-hundred plus members, including fellow members and general prize winners, is popular among the people of Hokkaido as gDotenh. The role of the exhibition is important as a gateway for young artists and it offers a good opportunity for art lovers to appreciate art.